The legend of Sleipnir

by Ada@

I had the opportunity to attend a show and have a beautiful experience, a horse theatre performance that honors the Icelandic Horse’s origin and story.

In Norse mythology, the story said that Sleipnir is the 8th legend horse ridden by Odin, the king of the pagan gods. Sleipnir is the offspring of the mischievous god Loki and the stallion Svadilfari. In the lore, Sleipnir is referred to as the best of all horses, described as being gray and unsurprisingly very fast.

The performance is structured in 8 parts, and it takes about 45 min. The show is a story told by horses: The beginning, The hidden people, The workhorse, A ghost story, The family Horse, Friendship, The competition, and Fire&Ice.

I was close to an Icelandic horse for the first time, and for an East-European girl, these horses are like a pony, but they are gentle, with beautiful color, and very friendly.


And this is me 🙂 (for the first time in my life riding a horse)

So, as a piece of advice, if you visit Iceland, you have to [ADA]EXPLORE this horses’ performance.

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