Northern Ireland, what a beautiful region


Cozy, nice, warm and of course rainy ….Guess what city?!!!

Hmmm, I am pretty sure you didn’t know…Actually, it is Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland:) Surprise… Me too, when you think about this region you will just say …. rain, rain go away …came again another day :)) or maybe umbrellas, but it is almost true!

by Ada@

I have to admit that it is a captivating city with its old pubs and the beer, also the popular Irish coffee at her place, yummy…..Cheers, GUINNESS!

by Ada@

The landscape and all the surroundings are just amazing, with some UNESCO World Heritage Site, or the 300 years tree reservation, how can you not admire the power of nature?! We have to open our eyes and just to SEE and [ADA]Explore more!!!!

by Ada@

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