International Coffee Day !

by Ada@

Happy International Coffee Day!

How do you start your day?! Personally, after drinking water first thing in the morning for sure, I can wait for my cup of coffee! Coffee is considered the most popular hot beverage globally, always being in close competition with tea. Coffee is more famous in western countries, and tea worldwide, or at least some studies said so😬 Continue with the studies, nordic countries are the world’s consumers of coffee, the Netherlands being the first!

by Ada@

Because I told in my older posts: how I started drinking coffee, lately, I began to be more aware of the culture behind the coffee, and I want to learn more from how it is produced and by the time it is on my cup. Some historical facts about coffee are:

  1. Yemen has the most credible evidence as this beverage appeared in the 15th century, and by the time the beans were procured from Ethiopian Highlands.
  2. In the 16th century, the drink reached the rest of the Middle East and North Africa, later spreading to Europe.
  3. 1600 is the year that coffee had spread to Italy, in Venice. 
  4.  In Rome, in 1645 was opened The First European coffee house.
  5. To maintain the studies that said Netherland is the first, The Dutch East India Company was the first to import coffee on a large scale.
  6. Even if Brazil is the most important producer of coffee beans, coffee just arrived in 1727.
  7. Johann Sebastian Bach, around 1735, wrote a song about coffee knows as the ” Coffee Cantata.”
  8. The name “cappuccino” was adopted from the Capuchin monks’ clothing in the 16th century in Italy.
  9. There are two main types of coffee: Arabica and Robusta.
  10.  Not a fact, but if you need better proof of how much I do love coffee, I named my beautiful hamster Cappuccino 🙂 😍

There will be many other facts related to coffee, from how it is cultivated and harvested to drinking, but we need more space to study it😉 !

 Ahed to international coffee day, the last weekend was the London Coffee Festival, where I could participate and taste many types of coffee. The newest sort that I tasted was the green coffee that was quite similar to green tea. If you missed this year, prepare yourself for the next year between 31 March and 3 April 2022! 

Until then, I will enjoy my cup of joy every morning, alias my cup of coffee, especially now in the cold season, to warm up my body and soul!